Geometry Dash

About Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a high-speed rhythm-based action-platform game developed by RobTop. Control a block by left-clicking to overcome tons of obstacles.

Get ready for amazing adventures in mysterious worlds. In this adventure, you will transform into many different characters, such as a cube, a ball, a ship, or a UFO. You must jump over many spiked traps to go as far as possible. Be careful! Because the frequency of obstacles is high. Therefore, quick reflexes are an important factor if you want to win the game. Control your character to jump as high as possible to avoid the spikes. You can see many jump pads and jump rings scattered along the way. Jump on them to make a higher jump. Try your best to go the farthest distance and score the highest score possible. Besides getting a high score, your goal in this game is also to collect three secret coins in each level. You can find them along the way. Try your best to get them all.

Platforms: Now available via a Web browser.

Controls Guide

Using mouse

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