Slope City 2

About Slope City 2

Slope City 2 is a fun running game with top racing tracks. In this game, you have to control the ball, move to the next level, and collect many gems.

Your task is to direct the ball to the correct track if it does not fall into it. The track is located at a high level and will scare you. Fear of heights and falling will haunt you. You can't finish the race if you crash too soon. Use the keys to navigate the ball. Remember that the path has no railings and is also very narrow, requiring you to concentrate very hard to control the ball. When running, you also have to endure many challenges, especially increasingly large gaps. They are distributed on the track. However, you can't make the ball jump over gaps, so you have to go through some things that help you jump high and over some gaps. You will fall out if you don't go through them. In addition, some roads are tilted, so you cannot walk as usual. Adjust the ball so it doesn't fall.

Platforms: Now available via web browser.

How to play?

Use the arrow keys (or A and D keys) on your keyboard to control your ball and keep it on track.

Use the left arrow key or the A key to move the ball left.

Use the right arrow key or D key to move the ball to the right.

The ball always rolls at quite a high speed while there are many large obstacles appearing on the track, so try your best to keep it from falling off or hitting any obstacles along the way.

When the ball falls off the track or hits an obstacle, the game will end immediately, and you must start it again from the beginning.


To help you conquer Slope City 2, please find below some useful tips and tricks for this game.

Choose the right path: When directing the ball, players should make wise decisions to find the most promising paths.

Collect gems on your way: Collecting gems scattered on the track is the fastest way to improve your performance.

Stay in the middle: Try to stay in the middle of the track for as long as possible. It provides greater stability in responding to obstacles.

Practice makes perfect: To conquer any Slope game, you need to spend time practicing your skills and reactions. Slope City 2 is no exception.

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