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About Slope Tunnel

Slope Tunnel is a fun endless running game in which the player controls a ball so that it continues to roll on a green background.

The player controls a ball rolling down an endless tunnel against a green background. However, inside the tunnel, there are gaps that create darkness, which makes it easy for you to fall out and end the game. Try this thrilling game, and prepare to push the limits of your reflexes and skills!

The player's bubble speed will increase as the game progresses. The ball can only move left and right, making it impossible to jump over the missing green platform, which makes the game even more difficult. However, this only adds to the appeal of the game. To avoid falling out of the tunnel, players can adjust the ball around the tunnel to avoid falling out. To gain points, you must collect them while trying your best to stay on the platform. Train your skills, achieve new high scores, and stay healthy with friends!

Platforms: Now available via web browser.

How to play?

The only way to make it jump.

Use the left and right arrows to make the ball jump left or right.


As you embark on this thrilling journey, keep these tips in mind:

  • Precise movement: Navigate tight corners and avoid obstacles by making calculated movements with the arrow keys.
  • Concentration and Reaction Time: Stay focused on the rapidly changing tunnel and be ready to react quickly to new challenges.
  • Practice makes perfect. Like any skill-based game, practice is the key to improving your performance and getting higher scores.

By following these strategies, you can immerse yourself in the intense and fast-paced action of Steep Tunnel without any limitations.

 Other versions of this game: Slope Racing 3D!

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