Archer Ragdoll Masters

About Archer Ragdoll Masters

Archer Ragdoll Masters is a stickman archery game with ragdoll physics. Line up your arrows and shoot down enemies one by one. Collect power-ups and equip your stick archers with new items to possess enemies with greater precision and power.

Controls Guide

Fight waves of enemies

Prepare for your first shot and fire! It's an endless journey of bow-and-arrow-based combat. Shoot down your enemies quickly and collect bonuses along the way to increase your lifespan. These rewards include health, arrow upgrades, and more.

Use your gold to buy new things

The game ends when you die. Here, you will earn gold based on your performance. There are also 30 unique achievements that give you gold when you reach your goal. You can use gold to buy new bows and helmets. New bows provide different power-ups to give you an advantage, while helmets give you extra health.

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