Jailbreak: Hide or Attack!

About Jailbreak: Hide or Attack!

Jailbreak: Hide or Shoot! is a fun escape game that blends the excitement of a shooter with the strategy of hide and seek and mind-bending riddles. Dive into a world of jail romance and test your wits and reflexes on multiple levels. With simple controls, this game provides addictive gameplay to help you relax. Are you tough enough to pull off a prison break? Find out today!


  • Use the left mouse button, WASD, or arrow keys to maneuver the character.
  • The objective of the game is to escape from all of the jails by selecting the most effective technique to escape on each level.
  • Hide from the guards until you have destroyed them.
  • The guards want to take you and your buddies. Do not enter the area where the guards have erected a red cone as a detection zone.
  • You can conceal any color wall or gray interior items.
  • You can find weapons on the level and upgrade them. Begin by honing weapons and progress to a Kalashnikov assault rifle at the end.

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