Slope Car Stunt

About Slope Car Stunt

Slope Car Stunt is an endless car driving game in which you drive a car along a series of slopes, avoid obstacles, try not to fall off the platform, and go as far as possible.

This game is a combination of slope game mechanics and a car racing game. Instead of controlling a ball like in Slope, players navigate a car and try to reach as far as possible in the endless racing game.

The slopes are full of obstacles, like hills, spikes, and gaps. You need to move your car left or right to avoid hitting obstacles, or try to go up hills to reach further and overcome holes. If you fall off the platform, the game will be over.

There are diamonds along the way that you can collect and use to buy a new car. The game offers different cars to unlock.

To make the Slope Car Stunt game more interesting, the developer has added more power-ups. Collecting them can make your trip much easier.

How to play?

Use A/D or Left/right arrows to move left and right.

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