Space Waves

About Space Waves

Space Waves is an arcade game in which you must control an arrow to avoid obstacles before reaching the finish line. The game has 33 levels, and you can select any level you want to play at any time. Faces label each level, indicating its varying difficulty, allowing you to choose your desired level of courage.

How to play?

All 33 levels of space waves have more or less the same scope: reach the end of the level without hitting your arrow into walls, spinning gears, or spikes. Each level has its own level of difficulty.

If you choose the “green” level, you will encounter more space and angles, making it possible to gain some linear momentum with your arrow. If you choose a harder level, you may encounter more obstacles, tighter corners, and more obstacles.

Space Waves lets you choose whichever level you want to play, so you can start with the hardest one, which can quickly give you the feeling of needing quick reaction times.

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